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Heart Series ~ Red Beaded Heart Cross

Mosaic Cross ~ Red Beaded Heart

This cross started as an experiment . . . and turned into a fun, beautiful and successful project! I was influenced by the rapidly approachng Valentine's Day holiday and of course, hearts always symbolize God's amazing love.

I started designing the heart with glass beads that I had fallen in love with and could not resist buying. I placed seed beads around them to create an easier area to lay the glass. I chose red background glass to compliment the red streaking in the beads. Continuing with the bead theme, I “grouted” the heart with red iridescent bugle beads to add depth, interest and shine to the heart.

Once I was finished with the heart, I glued it onto the cross base and filled in the background with white matte iridescent stained glass. I wanted the heart to remain the focal point of the cross yet I wanted the background to have something “extra” as well. I love the outcome!

The cross was purchased at the Focus ‘06 National Conference for the United Methodist Church in Houston, Texas.

Materials: Red and White Streaked Glass Beads, White Iridescent Seed Beads, Red Stained Glass, Red Iridescent Bugle Beads on Wood Heart Base; White Matte Iridescent Specialty Stained Glass on Wood Cross Base. Cross is grouted in white.
Size: Approximately 6" tall (Custom size)

Private Collection.

Mosaic Red Beaded Heart Cross ~ Closeup

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